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I keep wanting to post stuff here, but it basically can all be summed up with: My new job continues to be ridiculously great and they love me and it's all hearts and flowers and bluebirds and the goddamn beer fridge that I have instituted. People who work for other departments know who I am and want to know how they can get me on their side. It is great.

I think about this blessedly awesome job a lot, of course, since I'm there most workdays, but especially in a bigger picture kind of way right now, because about a year ago, I had my last day at WalkBoston. I was out of work for almost exactly 6 months; I've been at the new gig for almost exactly 6 months. It's a good place to be.

Today's ASW was so spot on for me:

It makes me think about what other happiness I'm missing because of my avoidance of inconvenience.

And you?
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