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Part of the reason people at my job love me is that I'm awesome at making their lives awesome. But part of it is just that I get to be the person who gives them awesome news.

For example, my boss wrote into the budget for this year a "personal accessories" budget, so people can purchase, for example, fancy headphones, or seat cushion or lamp or whatever, for use at work. This is an item that people in my department have been talking about provisioning for a couple of years, and this just happens to be the year that it got instituted (yes, in part because I reminded us to include it, but it probably would have happened, anyway.)

But then I get to deliver the news, and through that, it seems like this is all my doing, even though I gave my boss the credit in the announcement.

Interestingly, I also wind up delivering bad news from time to time, but at this point, I think everyone's so primed to like me that they don't put that on me, AND they take the bad news better when it comes from me.
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