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I'm planning to post the annual confessional this week, ideally tomorrow, depending on how my work today goes.

I'm planning to continue the changes I made last year:

I'll be moderating more closely than in previous years. I'll especially be deleting comments that seem pointlessly mean-spirited or that are obviously attempts to make up creepy or mean rumors about people.

One of the things I deeply value about the confessional is the opportunity to say hard things, but it's important to me that they be productive, so please refrain from mean comments without substance.

If there's a comment that seems primarily to be about character assassination, I also encourage everyone not to engage with it. Rise above it and don't feed the trolls! I will try to delete that sort of thing in a timely fashion, but of course I won't be watching the comments all day every day.

If there's any comment about YOU that you'd like me to remove, please email me so I can do so.

Remember that all those anonymous voices are people, some of whom you know and like, and all of whom are people like you.
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