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jobs at athenahealth

In addition to basically always looking for software developers, my team is also looking for UX designers and project managers (we call them process innovators).

A nearby team is looking for a good numbers person for their Healthcare Analytics and Quantitative Research Manager position.

athenaHealth is a pioneering company in electronic health records, billing services and patient communication; all under a single-instance, cloud-based, software enabled services platform. We are building the first national health information backbone that generates tremendous quantities of data for improving business performance, healthcare delivery and the development of new healthcare applications.

As a Manager in the Core Analytics team, you will be on the forefront of big data and healthcare. To help us continue to make sense of this data, we are seeking individuals that enjoy data analysis, collaborating in a cross-discipline environment and functioning as an effective advocate for extracting insight from data. No previous healthcare experience is required, but an ideal candidate will possess competency in programming, statistical analysis and communications.

In this role, you will work closely with various groups across the company to measure, analyze and communicate insights on business operations, marketing, healthcare delivery and payer (insurer) performance.

In addition, you will be expected to extract the data you need from our production systems. This provides the opportunity (and necessity) to learn our application at a deep level, which removes barriers to answering questions and enables you to become an analytic expert at athenahealth.

• Independently manage projects from beginning to end
• Strong willingness and aptitude for learning new concepts and analytical approaches, in a fast paced and constantly changing environment
• Become an expert on athena’s business processes and data structures
• Create new data sets and build internal reporting tools
• Support requests by querying our databases and delivering a summary of your findings
• Work with Core Analytics members on complex analytic, statistical and methodological issues
• Develop a “trusted advisor” reputation across athenaHealth
• Assume people management skills as appropriate
• Experience working with large datasets, and strong interest in data analysis
• Proficiency in at least one programming language (such as perl, python, C/C++, java) or data extraction language (SQL) or higher level language (such as R, SAS). Willing to learn, at a minimum, SQL and perl.
• Working knowledge of Excel
• Master’s degree in Economics, Statistics, Computer Science or other quantitative field, plus 3+ years of relevant experience; or PhD/ScD in a quantitative field, plus 1+ years of relevant experience
• Ability to formulate hypotheses, draw conclusions and deliver results
• Sense of humor and effective interpersonal communication skills
• Ability to work independently and with a team, creativity and willingness to learn
• Healthcare experience is a plus but not required.
• Experience in applying quantitative analysis to business operations is a plus but not required

Feel free to email me if you have questions about any of these positions (or others you see on our careers page.)
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