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I'm graduated!

Yesterday was my last day of classes, and the graduation dinner for me and a handful of other students. I translated (and did some rewording of) "This land is your land" (not all the verses, thank you) but in the end, I kinda chickened out and only sang the chorus because I don't normally sing in front of a group!

I had been hoping that I would be able to stay in my host home, but the school is tight on space for students (some students are even needing to share a bed, which wouldn't be my thing) so they obviously need my room now that I'm no longer a student. I'm kinda sad because 1) I was just starting to feel pretty at-home with the house and folks in it, 2) I've completely failed to take photos of people in the house! How lame am I? and 3) It's a cheap easy option to have all my cooking and cleaning taken care of for me as well as having a friendly place to stay. On the bright side, in the hostel, I'll meet lots of new people, maybe some of whom I'll be able to travel with a bit in the next couple of weeks, which would be nice.

I'm still hoping to hear back from volunteer coordinating type people soon, but if I don't, I think I'll make a jaunt to Honduras next week, and plan to spend a few days this week bussing (hi, poobah!) around to some of the towns nearby on market days.

Leaning toward going to the wedding at the end of the month. Will need a bigger suitcase in order to bring all my guatemalan friends with me.

I'm glad I'm planning to be back in the school later in my trip, otherwise I'd be feeling very sad that I'm done. As it is, I'm only feeling a little sad.

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