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NYC here we come!

This weekend, eestiplika and I are migrating south to New York City! Hooray! We're psyched.

We're staying at a place in Brooklyn we found through Air B&B that has a loft bed that, if we're understanding the photos correctly, we get into by climbing up on a stack of coffee tables and chairs. Slightly terrifying! But, also, as eestiplika says: Adventure! I'm considering bringing my pee funnel and a bottle so I don't have to navigate the stack in the middle of the night, since I invariably have to pee in the wee hours*.

So, on Friday, we get in midday, and we plan to hit an event for PM Press in the evening, and to visit Highline Park, and have mind-blowing sushi.

Then, on Saturday, she's going to a conference, so I'm on my own for most of the day. What should I do with a free day on my own in New York City? I have some ideas, but I want yours, too!

Among other ideas, I'm considering some shopping: I'm in need of a few new items of clothing, and I'd love to find some good second-hand stores. Any recommendations? Or some good quality clothing stores in general that you think I might like?

Finally, any favorite brunch places in either Brooklyn or Hell's Kitchen for Sunday before we head north again?


*Haha, get it? Wee hours?
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