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Well, I was just writing this when the computer froze, so let's see if I can remember what I wanted to say...

I have work, starting this afternoon! I'll be working in a daycare of an organization called Nuevos Horizontes (New Horizons), which runs a couple of daycare centers for really poor kids in the Xela area, and also a shelter for women and kids who've had to leave homes due to domestic violence. I'll be working only a few hours a day, but I'm told that's pretty tiring, so I'll start with that, and, if later I want to do more, I'm sure I can.

I'm feeling a little nervous about it, since I haven't had 25 kids in one place in AGES. And I'm supposed to do activities and stuff with them. But what?? Any ideas? I'm thinking about trying to translate "Old McDonald Had a Farm" into Spanish. And everyone who's worked with street kids or poor kids here has asked me things like "You don't mind your clothes getting dirty?" which is sorta a nobrainer, but the other thing that's less exciting is, "Have you had fleas, yet? 'Cause all the kids do, so you will, too." Noooo! No more fleas, please!

The hospedaje is fun. It's very international, and mostly pretty young, although one girl's parents are visiting, so we have a little age variety there. I sprang for the room with the private bathroom, and given how packed the house is these days, I'm really glad I did -- morning lines for the bathroom are more than 30 minutes! Also, it's a slightly quieter room than many others. It's about $1 more per night, and totally worth it! Plus, it turns out that I'm sharing it with a very interesting woman named Meredith who's about to head out to Ixil, a small village in the highlands, for 6 months (!!) to do human rights accompanyment. Whoa. She's really fun, and interesting, and we've had lots of great conversations. So, yay!

I'm going back to my hostfamily tonight around dinnertime to take photos. I can't believe I didn't take any photos while I was living there. How lame am I?

The festival of the Virgin Rosario (the patron saint or virgin or whatever of Xela) continues with daily "bombas" (noisy fireworks) at random increments. Startling, to say the least. There are lots of food vendors set up in the park with special festival food, none of which I've been nervy enough to try, yet, but soon, I swear!

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