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Mongolian barbecue, anyone?

A childhood friend of mine was in Mongolia for a semester recently. Apparently, he had a good time, although I understand he missed fresh fruit and vegetables.

Recently, he and some other friends who were in Mongolia decided that the would put together a traditional Mongolian barbecue for visiting friends. So they went to the local slaughterhouse, bought a sheep, and brought it home to slaughter. A nosy neighbor wondered what they were doing with the sheep. When she heard they were going to slaughter it, she called the police.

The neighbor says: "I got to thinking, 'We can't have people slaughtering animals in their back yards.'" The police come, check things out, call the Humane Society, and it turns out that, yes, in fact, in Colorado Springs, you CAN have people slaughtering animals in their back yards if it's done in a humane manner, which, according to the Humane Society, this was.

Neighbor: "I just think something is wrong here. It is worrisome to see 27 kids kind of enjoying killing this animal and drinking beer.... I have nothing against Mongolian barbecue, but I don't want to be party to the kill. That is fine to do that in Mongolia. This is not Mongolia."

I'm told the neighbor later offered to buy them all the lamb chops they need for their barbecue, thereby demonstrating how totally and completely she's missing a pretty major point. Seems to me, if you're going to eat meat, you've gotta be able to face the fact that, yes, this is animal you're eating. Does she think lamb chops grow on trees?

I'm deeply amused.

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