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I'm gonna steal this post

So, I have a basically neverending supply of chocolate on my desk, for people to take when they need a little taste of something sweet. This is great. Often, people come by with the stated intent of coming to get some chocolate, and we wind up talking and I hear about how things are going with them. Some folks just chocolate-and-run. Some folks mainly come to talk, but they use the chocolate as the excuse. It's great.

But I find it fascinating how often people stop by and say, "Can I steal a piece of chocolate?" or "I'm going to steal a piece of chocolate!"

I always respond, "You can't steal it, because it's there for the taking!" and that pretty much always gets a laugh. But It has really called out to me how often we (and I definitely include myself in this) use "steal" to mean "take a thing that I'm sure you're okay with me taking".
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