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Last night, moominmolly, dilletante, N and I went to see Bobby McFerrin in Providence. Thanks to whoever it was who pointed out to me that show!

I've been having a super stressful week, and I actually got some extra-stressful news just before the concert, so there was a big part of me that was wishing it was happening any other week. Earlier in the day, I briefly considered skipping it.

But I didn't skip it! and I am so glad.

Bobby McFerrin's music is so wonderful and utterly playful, and hearing him live takes it to a whole new level, because it's not just the music he's playing with, but the people, too. His whole body is an instrument -- and an incredibly versatile one -- and also the auditorium and the people in it are instruments he plays with a grounded glee that is captivating.

And because each audience and venue is different, and he's always improvising, each time seeing him is completely different, so I really can't wait for the next time.
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