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Work and kids and stuff

Virgin bombas continue.

I've had two days at the guarderia and the second, unsurprisingly, was better than the first. The kids are very sweet and energetic, but it's a weird mix to have kids from 2 or 3 to 11 years old. I'm unclear on why the school-aged kids don't go to school, but I don't suppose it matters all that much from my POV.

I do pretty well with kids when my role is well-defined. It's weird at this place because my role isn't well-defined at all, but yesterday I got a chance to chat a little with some of the kids while others were working on projects, and then later we sang some songs. They taught me a song about a little elephant named Trumpita, but I'm gonna have to get them to review it with me again today because I'm a very slow learner. Unfortunately, I only know one kids' song in Spanish, and although they really enjoyed it, I don't think it'll hold us for a whole month. So, anyone who has ideas for things to do with big groups of age-diverse kids, send them on! Especially consider things that a) don't take a lot of supplies because this daycare doesn't have much in the way of anything and b) that are good for inside, because I'm there in the afternoons when it's almost always raining, so we have to stay in. I'm working on translating "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and thinking about Simon Says (David Dice) and other such things. Maybe the hokey pokey. Hmmm.

A really nice thing about the daycare is that it's a bit out of the city. I think it would be a beautiful view if I were ever there without clouds, because there are several volcanoes nearby, and gorgeous landscape. Plus, the air is nice and fresh in comparison to the city. (The city streets are very narrow here, and when there's no breeze, car exhaust just sits in them stagnating.)

It's weird to be working with kids who I know that I'll never see again after this month. Normally, when I spend significant time with kids, they're the kids of friends, so I know I'll keep seeing them over the years. But here, I'll be with the kids for enough time to get attached, and then not likely see them again. Three's a little boy named Filomeno who's about 3, and who's just the cutest thing on two legs, and it struck me particularly as I was playing with him yesterday. An odd thing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to San Francisco, said to be one of the best markets in the country. With luck, I won't get pickpocketed!

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