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dyscalculia/dyslexia resources

An authorial friend of mine is looking for some assistance, detailed below:
I am actively seeking – or, I will be soon – people with dyscalculia and/or dyslexia, or who are highly knowledgeable about either, who would be willing to read a to-be-published work of YA contemporary realistic fiction, approximately 63,000 words (250 manuscript pages) long, and give me feedback on whether my representation of characters with the same is accurate and respectful. I am willing to pay any appropriate candidates for this work. If you know anyone who might be eligible/interested, would you please let me know? Regarding timing: the manuscript isn't ready for reading now, nor will it be until I'm done with another revision. Not sure when that will be, but hopefully this summer. I will provide more information about timing as soon as I have it myself.

If you are or know someone who might be able to help, please respond and I will put her in touch with you. Feel free to forward this to other people or venues who might be relevant.
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