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First things first. I've been meaning to post my new phone number (mailing address stays the same the whole time I'm here, but don't send anything in December, because it likely won't get here before I leave the country), so here it is: 011-502-763-0108. This is the phone number for the Casa de Las Amigas, the hospedaje where I'm staying for the next few weeks. It's an easier number to use since it's the place where I'm living, and almost everyone there speaks English. Best times to call are mornings and evenings (I'm on Mountain time until you all change over to standard time again, and then I'll be on Central time). If you're serious about wanting to call, drop me an email so we can coordinate times just to be sure :)

On the update front, the week with the kids was very up-and-down. I'm not sure I feel like I'm really being useful, other than giving the regular workers a break in the afternoon. I'll give it another week and if it still feels weird, I'll throw some more travelling into my itinerary.

Thursday was especially sucky, with a theme of, "I'm not being given enough information to do the right thing," on many levels, but fortunately, that only lasted one day, and yesterday was pretty nice. The first day of no rain in a long time! Yay!

Yesterday, I also went to San Francisco El Alto, a smallish town that has a huge market day every friday. Wow. Talk about crowded!! And, wow, again, talk about nice crafts! And I thought about buying a pig, but I couldn't see getting it back on the bus (although, of course, that's how everyone gets their purchases, animal or otherwise, home, and I saw sheep and goats tied to the top of buses on the way back down). I've been telling myself I'm not buying things until December, because it's such a pain to keep track of them and accumulate stuff as I'm moving around the country, but I got a lovely deal on a couple of weavings, soo... I'll just have to pack a bag that I can store at the school until I'm leaving.

After that trip to the market and working in the afternoon, I was completely pooped, and slept 10 1/2 hours. Mmmm, weekends! No big plans today -- I think I'll go to the bookstore and get Harry Potter 4 (in Spanish) and see if they can recommend or order something else along those lines. And I need to do a little shopping, and in the evening, going to dinner with friends at a vegetarian restaurant that gets great reviews. And if the bank's open, I'll take out some more money, even though I swear I'm not going to buy anything big when I go to Chichicastenango tomorrow! :) (famous last words, eh?)

I'm really excited about some of the travel I have planned, and I'm also planning to sign up to be an accompanier on the day of the election to accompany people to the polls who think they might be in danger of harrassment or intimidation due to past or current political work. Sounds interesting, but I bet it'll actually be really dull :)

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