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self importance is not a virtue

eestiplika, veek, baby NAZ, and I were hanging out today, mostly on the back porch, which was pretty much unadulturated awesome in the perfect weather. At one point, though, after the Memorial Day parade had made its way (its long, long, looooong way) past, we decided to venture into Davis for quesadillas.

Since the parade had just happened, traffic was all a little weird, and there were a lot of people out and about.

We were standing at the corner, waiting for our turn to cross the street, and a group of people came across the street toward where we were standing, and a guy kind of shoved his way past us, exlaiming, "We have a BABY here!" while pushing past veek, who was wearing baby NAZ at the time.

It was truly priceless.
Tags: funny, no, people can be so dumb

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