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I adore fun umbrellas, because they're fun, and also because they brighten up the dreariness that is often implied by the need for an umbrella. I have a pink flower one, and an underwater one, and a sunflower one (which is missing but sure to turn up) ... and my newest addition is an LED umbrella. This one is different from the rest in that I can't really see the lights from the inside most of the time, but people's dramatic reactions make up for that: I invariably get at least one and usually several delighted comments from people when I'm carrying it.

Over the weekend, I was dressed up and walking to a birthday party around dusk, and obviously the LED umbrella was the right one to carry to a party. (Yes, I was also wearing glitter, because: birthday party!) On the bike path, there were a couple of little kids playing in a puddle, with their dad nearby.

As I neared them, one of the kids fell, and started crying and being very upset, until she caught sight of me, when she stopped dead and just stared with her jaw hanging open and a slightly awed expression on her face.

"Wow, look at HER," the dad said, and both kids emitted entranced sighs. "She's all sparkly!" continued the dad.

"Thanks, it was a gift!" I told them as I passed.

Both kids swiveled their heads as the dad said "That's amazing! She's so cool!" as I passed and waved.

I quite like the idea that I'm influencing impressionable young people into the cult of sparkle. Also, I think I saved their puddle jumping playtime for at least a little while longer!
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