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I'm hiring!

So, we finally got a position opened for the Administrative Assistant who will work for me.

It's difficult to link to it directly, but here's our jobs page -- -- and the job req is 3738BR and
the title is Administrative Assistant - Technology.

If there's someone you know who would be a good fit for this job, please feel free to refer them! This is going through our recruiters, so I won't see resumes and cover letters until they've been screened in a first pass.

This is not a hard job, and I care much more about personality fit than directly relevant experience. It would totally work for people with very little job experience, too.

This will be my first time supervising anyone, so I'll be relatively hesitant about hiring someone I know relatively well socially, but if you're interested and want to chat with me about it, I'm happy to have the conversation and see if it goes anywhere interesting!
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