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Plans change, so it looks like I'll be going to Honduras for my vacation from my vacation next week. The bus ride(s), if I've calculated correctly, will take about 2 1/2 days, and I'll get to see vast swaths of Guatemala's geography in the process. My understanding is that web access in Honduras is available but expensive, so I probably won't be online as frequently starting Sunday, and lasting about 2 weeks or so.

I'll be returning to Guate to do human rights accompanyment during the elections on November 9, and then back to school for more work on my Spanish starting November 10.

Harry Potter is coming along well, and I'm learning all sorts of important words like "la varita" (wand) and "la lechuza" (barn owl), which I'm sure will hold me in good stead should I ever stumble across the Central American branch of Hogwarts. Virgin bombas seem to have ceased, although I think the virgin doesn't go back to her house? cell? until the end of the month.

Tomorrow, the school celebrates the anniversary of its founding ideas, and the torture and death of two of the people who were integral in getting the idea going.

I had a really great dinner and sleepover with one of the teachers, her partner, and my roommate earlier in the week. Great fun! The teacher is learning English is preparation for a move to San Francisco with her partner in December, and it was kinda fun to hear her frustrations with language learning, after struggling with my own Spanish with her. Wonderful people. One of the challenges here will be to say goodbye to such a fabulous group of folks when I go. Fortunately, that's not too soon.

I'm "hiring on" at the school for a week in November for the coordinator to take a week off. That means I'll probably orient new students and translate conferences and other school activities that week. Should be interesting!

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