ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

more election info

I'll be working with Mayalan, an organization that is working specifically to empower women to vote this year (women have traditionally been excluded from or intimidated in the voting process here), particularly women who are politically active in their towns or villages. If anyone is interested in sending a (non tax-deductable) donation for this, drop me a note.

In vacation news, I'll be leaving Sunday morning for Guate, and then on to Chiqimula, in the first leg of the trip to the Bay Islands of Honduras. I'll have company to Guate, which is nice, with my roommate Meridith, who'll stay in Guate for a week of last training before she goes off to Ixil (a department in the highlands here) for six months of human rights accompanyment (whoa).

Looking forward to seeing the sea...

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