ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

In response to some questions about what I'll be doing in the elections:

I'll be travelling with a partner to a rural town near Xela and spending the night before the election there with a family. Then, the day of the election (Sunday, November 9), we'll travel with a group of people from the village/town to the polls. The goal of our being there is to provide an international presence at the polls, especially focussed on populations who are likely to be harrassed or intimidated.

Asociacion Mayalan, the group with which I'll be working, specifically works with women in rural communities, but for the voting effort, we won't be limiting it to women, obviously.

Is there danger involved? Probably some, but not a LOT. The people who will be going to areas where there's more danger are working with organizations that do a lot more training and have more resources and the like. I expect that any violence that happens as a result of the elections will be primarily focussed in Guate and will probably be the day AFTER the elections when the results are announced. With luck, I'll be safely back in Xela, which is a pretty mellow town, and not an army stronghold.

So, we'll see, but I'm not really worried, other than what the possible results of the election might be.

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