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We're in that shoulder season now, where summer isn't totally over, but we're into late summer and early fall. Yesterday, walking with eestiplika, we smelled wood smoke and felt the cool in the air despite the sun, but we also admired squash blossoms. Today, early fall is full-on, and tonight, especially, the air is crisp and almost tastes of apple.

For dinner, comfort foods and comfort people and music that makes feelings bigger without changing them. I made a drink with bourbon, allspice, and orange, and it was perfect. We drank it in cut crystal cocktail glasses inherited from my mom's family, fancier than I usually use.

I feel peaceful and nostalgic and replete and lonely, all in the best way. I long for summer and I long for autumn, one wistful and one anticipatory, both a delight. Life is so full.
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