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new tattoo!

Last week, I flew to New Orleans, meeting contessagrrl in the airport, and getting whisked off to the townhouse we rented in Marigny, near the French Quarter.

Before we left, we had pretty much decided to get tattoos while there, so on Sunday, we strolled into the tattoo shop near where we were staying, on the street with all the awesome music, and asked about getting inked. (Sorry, mom.)

Here's what I got:

I'm super happy with it and really enjoyed the process of getting a relatively spur-of-the-moment tattoo. My first one, I thought about for years before getting it (and still love it a lot), so it was very different to take a more vacationy approach to this one. I flipped through a lot of ideas in my head, ruling out animals, flowers, plants-in-general, leaves, and feathers before settling on (a) a word and then (b) this word. Then I spent a long time finding the font (before the rain by Måns Grebäck) that I wanted.

I chose my foot because I tend to like tattoos on joints and feet, and because I'm not ready for a tattoo on my wrist, which is the other place I seriously considered for it. As I think about it, too, I'm digging the idea of possibly creating a tattoo-style charm anklet of words I love and/or aspire to, over time. But what I've actually been saying when people ask about it is that I'm trying to put my best foot forward, haha.

I settled on "humanity" after toying with words like "joy" or "ecstasy" for a while and realizing that I really wanted a word that carried more fullness with it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love joy and ecstasy, and there's a good chance I'll add those to my body at some future time, but I really wanted something that encompassed the whole of living experience, had a sense of communality, aspiration, contentment, recognition. So once I hit on "humanity", I toyed with a couple of others, but kept coming back to this, and it really feels just right.
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