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we bought a house!

After five months of active looking, and a total of three offers on various houses, amber_phoenix, longueur, and I finally bought a house yesterday. I'm alternately elated and weirdly blase about it. There's something about the process having taken so long that makes it a little hard to wrap my head around it being real.

For all that the overall process took a long time, the process on the house be bought yesterday FLEW. We went from offer to closing in less than a month!

I'm really delighted with the house, which is a sweet single family in Union Square, Somerville. I'm super excited that we found a good fit in Somerville, which I feel really invested in, and I can hardly wait to have people over. It sort of has to wait until I move, though, which happens on Saturday. Phew!

Naturally, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to leave my current digs. I've lived at UDL for 8 1/2 years, which is longer than I've lived anywhere but the house I grew up in. If I live in new-and-unnamed-house for as long, I'll be almost 45 when I cross that milestone.

When I moved into UDL ...
* it was named "The Vatican", not Undisclosed Location
* I was dating penk
* I had hair down to my butt
* I was just settling down after almost a year of international and cross-country travel
* I was unemployed
* The house cat was Gearbox

While I lived at UDL ...
* I cut more than 12" off my hair
* We got another roommate, named Olivia
* I got a job at Campbell-Kibler Associates
* Olivia brought home a consolation kitten after the second time GWB was elected
* Olivia brought home a stray cat, now known as Kitteh
* I stopped dating penk
* Olivia moved out
* I started dying my hair
* fraterrisus moved in
* I got into and started attending grad school
* I started dating spike
* I quit my job at CKA
* I graduated from grad school
* I got a job at WalkBoston
* I quit my job at WB
* I got a job at athenahealth
* I bought a house

And that's just a few self-centered highlights! 8 1/2 years is a long time, and a lot happened in that time. I feel like a pretty different person from when I moved in, and it's been a super great place to call home for all that time.

It makes me both nostalgically sad to look back at all that and know I'm moving on, and excitedly anticipatory and happy to look ahead at what might be coming next. Life is so full of surprises.
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