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Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (7 of 7)

Today, I give thanks for my home.

I have been so blessed with a strong, happy, grounded sense of home for basically my whole life. Those times when I have been uprooted, it has largely been by choice, and it has always been temporary. I know that many people in the world are uprooted from their homes daily, or contstantly, or forever through political or interpersonal upheaval.

I had the great good fortune of growing up in a solid, happy home, and from there, I have moved from one safe, comfortable home to another. I have lived with friends, and I have lived with strangers. I've lived with strangers who have become friends, and, happily, never with friends who have become strangers. I have never been forced out of my home, and all of my homes have felt safe, and have been places I trusted my private space and belongings to be respected, and I never had reason to doubt that they were.

To have a solid, sure sense of home is one of the things that is most foundational to my emotional and psychological well-being, and I am so fortunate to have had that.
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