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Jaywalker Rights and Responsibilities

Jaywalker Rights and Responsibilities (note: not legal advice)

Baseline assumption: It is your right as a pedestrian to jaywalk; the choice to jaywalk confers special responsibilities upon you:

1. When there is no conflicting oncoming traffic, you may meander, saunter, or stroll.
2. When there is conflicting oncoming traffic, you must hustle.
3. No darting out in front of oncoming traffic.
4. You may jaywalk through stopped traffic.
5. You may not stop traffic in order to jaywalk. (This is why we have crosswalks.)
6. You must be able to accurately judge how long it will take you to get across the street.
7. If you are waiting for an opening and traffic stops for you, do not assume that traffic on both sides will do so.
8. Be as visible as possible. Take extra care when jaywalking at night, especially if wearing dark colors or in a poorly lit area.
9. As a jaywalker, you are an element of chaos in traffic; assume that drivers and cyclists won't see you.
10. No daring jaywalking with strollers or children.

Jaywalking means any pedestrian crossing of a vehicle lane at an unmarked and/or unsignalled location, or against the light/signs at a signalled location.
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