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I asked my boss about expanding my scope for this year, and he had a couple of ideas right off the bat:

1. Expand our social programming to our other locations (Georgia, Texas, California, India)
2. Get me more involved in strategy, owning some business efforts that are currently kind of orphaned.

I probably can't do both, at least not directly, though I CAN have both of these things happening in my team (currently 5 of us, could go up another person or two this year). So, I'm torn.

The social programming is obviously more fun, and I'm quite strong at it. It would mean I would do a lot more travel this year, most of it to places I'd be excited about. I would continue to get to put on ridiculous and fun social events for geeks on someone else's dime.

On the other hand, getting more involved in the strategy is the option that most strongly embeds me with this company, increases my visibility outside of my department and at high levels, and broadens my options for promotion and if/when my boss ever moves on (to a place that I can't follow him). Also, I really enjoy the organizational planning and design that has come with this side of things, though there's also more tedious and/or frustrating work, and because it includes a lot more coordinating other people (some of whom are only moderately good at their jobs), it will be harder to succeed at it.

Obviously, what I really want is to find a way to do both. Possible? Who even knows.
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