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Comment submitted on Home Depot's website today:
I am writing about an experience I had at your Everett, MA location in November, 2012.

While selecting shelving material and having it cut to my desired lengths, the staff member helping us (Mike) offered to make us a good deal on it. Thinking he meant there was a coupon or sale available, I inquired further, and he said he could sell each length to us for $3 (rather than $11), but it would have to be cash. Once it was clear this would be an under the table sort of "deal", I declined, but I was troubled to be invited by an employee to pay him to, as far as I could tell, steal from the store.

Later, I was in the screw aisle looking for drywall screws, and I was approached by a male staff member who offered to help me find what I was looking for. He did so, but in the course of helping me, he stood closer and closer to me, until he actually brushed my ass with his hand "accidentally".

Both of these experiences were very off-putting to me. I recently returned to the store for the first time since that visit, and I encountered Mike again, and I found myself wanting to leave the store immediately, which I did, without making the purchases I had intended to make.

I had intended to simply blow off the earlier experiences until I found that it was making me less inclined to return in the future. Because of that, I thought you should know that your employees could use additional training on appropriate behavior with customers.

Thanks for your time,
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