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well, that was fun

Yesterday was a surprisingly full day for one that started with no plans. My friend Amy has been having stomach problems, so we wandered all over the city looking for a lab that would do a stool test on a Saturday. Amazingly, we found one, not only to do the test, but with the results back within an hour and a half. No amoebas or parasites, so maybe she just at something that disagreed with her and has been a while recovering. I´m very happy that thus far I´ve been able to avoid such things. And now I will knock on wood...

But I bought a new kind of fruit yesterday, the name of which I keep forgetting, but it´s very tasty. It has a hard brown skin and bright orange, sweet flesh inside. The bad news is that the one I bought yesterday, had little white worms in it! Yucky. The especially bad news is that I didn´t notice them until I´d eaten half of it. I´m hoping that worms that live in fruit are not the kind of worms that live in guts...

Then Amy and I went with Saul, one of the instructors at the school, to the Hiperpais for a movie. WOW, what a weird experience! I´ve heard people talking about the Hiperpais, but this was my first time going there... It´s a shopping mall! An honest to goodness, pretty much just like American style shopping mall. Talk about clashing expectations! There were even familiar stores -- Payless Shoes, GNC, Champs, and, of course, all the familiar fast food places in the food court. Wild. The movie we saw was, of course, American, too -- we passed on Miedo Punto Com (Fear dot com), the most recent Matrix and Pirates of the Carribean in favor of The Italian Job. I´m forgetting how it was titled in Spanish, but I recognized it from the poster, and we were right in time for it, so...

It was really fun, and nice to see a movie (it was even one that I hadn´t seen this summer that I did want to see) and compare notes afterwards about idiomatic expressions and the like. But I´m not sure I´d want to spend too much time at the Hiperpais, since it´s really not like being in Guatemala at all. Although, I guess the fact that it´s there makes it a real part of the experience here, too, so I´m glad I went :)

Today, despite all the talk of election weirdness, everything seems totally normal... there are more people out than normal, but I haven´t seen any army guys or extra police, so... I hope it´s going as well in other parts of the country. Of course, everyone´s on edge waiting to hear the results, but so far, so good.

Tomorrow, it´s back to classes for me, and I´m looking forward to it. I think the time off has been good and has given me a chance to percolate the things I learned in September, so I´m ready to absorb some more, now. And the trip next week is to Lago de Atitlan, where I´ve been wanting to go for a while, so it´s perfect! I´ll be doing all the conference translations this week while the coordinator of the school is taking some time off to spend with her sister, who´s visiting from Holland, so it´ll be a big week to dive back in, but I think it´ll work well.

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