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I've been seeing those Hubway bikes and stations around and been kind of curious about them, but hadn't quite gotten over the startup energy hump to try them on my own when, a couple of weeks ago, moominmolly and I were hanging out and it made sense to get a couple to get from here to there. It was kind of great! And so incredibly handy to have an easy one-way trip. Suddenly, the pricing scheme for them seemed completely ideal, and there are stations in/near a bunch of the places I go.

So, I sprang (sprung? springed?) for an annual membership! The key arrived while I was in California, so this is the first week I've had it, and it's super great. I got one for my trip home from redheadedmuse's house last night -- there's a station 3 blocks from her house and another 3 blocks from mine. It worked! And I even saw miss_chance and totient on my way home!

And then this morning, I was planning to take my regular bus, but the timing wasn't going to work for my early morning meeting, so instead, I grabbed a bike from Union Square and biked to Harvard Sq, where I caught my office shuttle.

YOU GUYS. This is amazing! The convenience of an easy ONE WAY ride is incredible, and it means that I don't have to plan ahead and have my bike, or figure out how to store my bike if it only make sense to bike one way on any given day. There are stations in a whole bunch of the places that I'm likely to travel, and two stations near my house, in opposite directions. And the bikes are in good repair, are the style I like (upright, comfortable), and have good lights and a place to strap in a bag.

Next step: figure out how to get a station at my office.
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