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First things first: People keep asking me when I get back to Boston. My flight lands late (around 10:30) the evening of December 30. Mark your calendars.

Another good week of classes. I studied with a motherly type named Doris who was really fun and nice, and she was so excited about having me as her student that it was very flattering :) (Apparently, I'm a minor celebrity in the school after my translations, which are better than either of the regular translators', according to the one teacher who's fluent in both Spanish and English.) I feel like I'm on the cusp of really GETTING the subjunctive, which is the last grammar point for me to study, and after that, it's build vocabulary and practice, practice, practice. I'm going to have to make more Spanish speaking friends in the Boston area.

The bummer of the week is that my best friend here (and the last, other than me, of a gang of 5 of us here who hit it off really well) is leaving tomorrow to head back to the states. To balance that out, my folks will be getting here soon (yay!), so I'm starting to think about things to do with them. (*wave* hi, mom & dad!) And then shortly after that, my brother will show up, and then... it'll be the end of December and I'll be flying back to the US!

One part of me is totally ready to be back in Boston, and another part of me is already feeling the missing of Guatemala that I'm going to have. It's gonig to be weird to be back with people who, no matter how much I tell about this trip, haven't been here, and can't really KNOW what I'm talking about.

This week, the school has been celebrating it's 15th anniversary with photo competition, foosball championship, kite building/flying competitions, special movies every night, a political/humorous puppet show on Thursday, and, yesterday, an evening of poetry, music, celebration, then dinner and dancing.

The whole week was really fun, other than the kite-flying competition, which was a dud due to us going in the morning when there was no wind. I don't know why we scheduled it for the morning, because there's almost never any wind in the morning. It usually starts to pick up around 4pm.

Last night was really a blast, with good music and poetry, including a group of young guys who've got gorgeous voices and who stayed for the party afterwards and, it turns out, are pretty good dancers :> I stayed up late (for my schedule here) and danced a LOT. Great fun.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. I can't believe it's next week! I feel like I'm still in early fall.

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