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12 August 2013 @ 04:31 pm
The most absurd parts of my job are always when I'm doing something super fun but feeling stressed about it. Like, I'm running late for the boat party and have to stop to buy 30 pool noodles and I can't find the entrance to the Target parking lot. Or, I'm so hungover from the first night of parties at the retreat, but I have to restock for night 2, so I'm miserably buying two grocery carts of booze that I can't imagine ever wanting to drink ever again.
I'm feeling: amusedamused
tickles, the angry lemurclara_girl on August 12th, 2013 09:19 pm (UTC)
I so totally get this.

For me it's stressing about a kid's end-of-camp show. It's a kid's. Camp. Show. Seriously, stress? This is the stuff of kids' memories. If they miss a cue, it's okay. I have backup and support. It'll be just fine.
gothtique: Mia & Megothtique on August 13th, 2013 02:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, I get it... I end up at steampunk and sci fi cons working.
Sometimes it can be so much fun, but sometimes it really is still work.
Kcatkcatalyst on August 13th, 2013 01:48 pm (UTC)
That seems like the best kind of work stress ever. Still stress, but at least it's really funny!