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september mornings

The humidity broke sometime between noon and 6pm yesterday, and this morning is just about as perfect as a September morning can get: clear, cool, and still comfortable in short sleeves. I love how the world feels on these mornings: fresh and bursting with life. As amber_phoenix noted yesterday, the tomato faucet in our yard is ON. So is the sunflower faucet, and the pepper faucet, and all the green growing things are just out of control in the best way (unless, I suppose, you're fighting an invasive at the moment, in which case: sympathy).

Deval Patrick is speaking at my company this morning in about an hour; I'm interested to hear what he has to say, even though I feel cynical about the ongoing marriage between politicians and businesses. I simultaneously feel good about what our company is trying to do AND see it as firmly embedded in the problems inherent in publicly traded companies and large economic entities who throw their weight around in return for tax favors, which we are getting.

School is back in session, which is obvious based on the numbers and volume of people EVERYWHERE between my home and my office. I continue to be so grateful I don't have to drive every day. I also occasionally fantasize about buying a vehicle, I have to admit, although I continue to resist for the time being; not owning a car leaves me with a more flexible budget AND encourages me to be more active in my day to day life than I would be otherwise. Instead, I think that next summer, I will trade in my current wonderful city bike for one that has internal gears so I can bike in skirts. And a basket in front for baguettes.

What's wonderful in your world today?
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