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Austin job opening!

The job listing for my open role in Austin is up. Know anyone who'd be a good fit? Have them apply and ALSO drop me a note, because we've gotten 80 applicants in the first day. -- Job req 5287BR

Position overview:

Must love engineers.

Are you a great blend of super fun and super competent? Are you a Jack or Jill of all trades? Have you ever marketed a party by creating a t-shirt? Been accused of acting like a cruise director? Been told you order too much food and are contributing to a friend’s weight gain? Ever called a robot ‘cute’? Do you carry a bottle opener on your person?

We are seeking an office coordinator/assistant minister of fun to support our R&D team in Austin. This is no ordinary role. We are seeking a key team member to focus on morale, culture, fun events, and, yes, some mundane stuff like working with vendors, cleaning the coffee machine, issuing badges, managing calendars, and making sure the fridge and coffee makers are stocked.

Reports to: Manager of Special Projects (aka, Minister of Fun)

Position description -- responsibilities:

Maintain office services by organizing office operations and procedures and working with vendors as needed
Support VPs and directors with calendar management, meeting planning, travel arrangements
General administrative support across the office
Plan and organize fun events
Coordinate cross-site meetings by developing expert knowledge of our a/v and teleconferencing systems and supporting the team in using them
Keep an eye out for opportunities to improve processes, systems, etc
Look for things that need doing and then do them

A proven track record working independently with little supervision
Solid computer skills, especially the Microsoft Office Suite, and comfort learning new systems
Excellent people skills, including both "geeks" and business types
Is super awesome
Strong planning and execution skills
Fondness for people who like sci-fi, fantasy, card games, video games, math, and who occasionally talk like pirates
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