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plush movie experience

Last night, my assistant and I took our Austin team to a movie at a super cush movie theater near our office down here. It has a full bar and kitchen, and the bar has incredibly plush, comfy seating, and there's a great lounge where you can drink and eat while waiting for your movie theater to open. In the theater, there are amazing comfy seats, which you select when you buy the tickets, and if you go for the premium experience, you get to sit in huge, velvety recliners that glide you back into a reclining position, and there a fuzzy blankets at every chair, and full service from waitstaff who will bring your food and drinks as you order them throughout the movie. And there's free popcorn. And a puppy!

Okay, no puppy. But seriously, it was mind-boggling how cushy this experience was. I threatened to move our office there, and, surprisingly, didn't hear any protests ...

Why don't we have one of these in the Boston area??

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