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A couple of years ago, we got some new space for my teams to move into, and I was the point person representing my department for pretty much all of the decisions about furniture, layout, colors, carpets, etc. We've been in it for a little more than a year, and it's great; it works well for our various teams, and it's a lively and interactive space. We know of some features that are lacking or things that need improvement, but I'm very happy with the stuff I had control over.

One of those things that was totally my domain was soft seating: we have lots of little areas with sofas and comfy chairs, all of which I picked out.

Interestingly, as the company continues to grow and expand into new space, I'm noticing that many of my decisions are being copied for new spaces -- lots of the furniture is exactly the furniture I bought, to the color! And plenty more is the furniture I bought but in different colors.

Cool! This is satisfying. And I want to figure out how to put it on my resume, because I feel like it's relevant to the value I bring to athena that I make decisions that are good in themselves but also good enough that other parts of the company copy them. This is actually true for my role, too, which several other departments have copied in the couple of years since I became Manager of Special Projects.

Any ideas on how to describe this on a resume?
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