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Because one day of Thanksgiving isn't enough (1 of 7)

As is my tradition, I kick off the first day of the week of Thanksgiving with the first day of a week of appreciation.

Today, I give special thanks for my job. When I interviewed here, I got lost on my way to the office, and I wound up in the middle of an area I didn't know, with no understanding of how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. I called a cab, but since I didn't know where I was, I couldn't tell them where to pick me up. After growing increasingly frantic and basically giving up, and then deciding, what the hell, I really need to give it a shot, I found a landmark and finally caught a cab, arriving 10 minutes late for my interview.

Looking back, I still sometimes have heart-in-my-throat moments imagining if I HAD, in fact, given up trying to get here, because this job ... people, this is the job I never in a million years thought I would have, where I have a sense of belonging and purpose and mission, and I'm empowered to make decisions, and my contributions are valued, and I understand what I'm bringing to the table and why it's uniquely mine. I mean, I have had other jobs I liked, but none that lit me up and gave me a sense of future growth and possibility, and, you know what? It's so amazing.

I was always envious of people who had a calling or a sense of obvious career pathing. My career path isn't clear, but I have the strong sense of growing my skills in directions that are both interesting to me and marketable in modern business, which is a powerful force fighting against the persistent fear that lives in my heart that life is fragile and uncertain and I never know when things might fall apart and I wind up homeless and alone. (We all have that fear, right?)

And the people here! If we have to have a social structure that leads us to spend the majority of our time with strangers who we don't get to pick and choose, I have somehow, magically, wonderfully arrived in a company that is WAY above average in the quality of the people who I work with every day. They are competent, honest, full of integrity, and so kind, thoughtful, and friendly that I feel warmly surrounded by fellow humans every day in the best way.

I really feel like this whole thing is completely undeserved -- an incredible stroke of luck -- and I want similar strokes for everyone.
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