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Hi there,

Hope this email finds you well. After visiting your website, I would love to write for your site and, so am asking if you are interested in some fresh content for Aroraborealis.

From doodles to graphic design, art and writing have been with me throughout my life. This has seen me through college and onto working for advertising agencies. Motherhood changed my perspective and outlook on life and so now I work from home by writing about art, design, literature and other modes of creation. Personal experience and work with the Coalition Against Drug Abuse has taught me how useful art and literature can be in helping both addicts and the victims of addiction, so when possible, I write on this positive message, though I know not everyone shares it.

These examples show you how diverse my (often ghost written) work is:

[links removed]

These demonstrate how my work is aimed exclusively at the site that I am writing for. Any content I producefor Aroraborealis will come at no cost, so long as I am able to mention one of my partners. Of course, any link to them would be subtle and in line with the topic I am writing about and your site. My work is 100% unique and it will be offered to you only.

If you have any ideas or topics you would like me to write about for you, let me know; otherwise I can produce something for you to look at. This also applies to any other sites you might run as well as for On the other hand, if you do not want my content, I will leave you with my best wishes.


ps. You are NOT on any mailing list and if you do not want content from me, I will not contact you again. Of course, I hope you are interested!
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