ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Today is the national day against violence against women here in Guate, so I went with my teacher and several other teachers and students up to the park in zona 3 for a manifestación (demonstration) this morning. It was really quite a lot like any number of demonstrations I've done in the US other than the fact that there were lots of women in traditional traje, which I just don't see all that often in the states. It was also pretty disorganized and didn't start until about 1 1/2 late, which are characteristics of Guatemala, but far be it from me to say that never happens at demonstrations in the US *cough*

We got free playeras, and raffle tickets, but by the time we got to the central park (the end of the march), I was pooped from standing around and walking in the sun, so we didn't hang out for the raffle and various speeches, but instead got ice cream cones and walked back to the school.

I'm studying this week with my friend Claudia, who is just a riot. It's kinda weird to study with someone who I know very well outside of class because, since we've talked so much, I feel like I already shouldn't make any mistakes with her, but after a couple of hours of class time, I'm over that. She's telling me all sorts of funny stories about awful experiences she's had with students down here -- it's amazing the stunts some people pull!

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