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Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (4 of 7)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving proper, and I didn't get a chance to post, because I was so busy having the amazingly blessed and wonderful holiday with a small segment of the large bunch of just fantastically awesome people who are a big part of making my life the rich and worthy experience it is.

Every day, I feel grateful for the people in my life: the family I came from, the friends of my past, the friends and loves who are current in my day-to-day ... I don't know how I got so lucky to know you all, but I feel lucky every day in my friends and family and community. I only wish it were easier (or, even possible) to spend more time with the many people I love who are in such far-flung places.

The people in my life inspire me, comfort me, make me laugh, have big ideas, do amazing things in the world, love me and each other and make every day brighter.

Thank you all you awesome people for being so brilliantly wonderfully you.
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