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Last spring, I purchased an iPad, not really sure if I would use it much, but curious to try. At first, it didn't really fit into my tech use, but I've gradually moved to it for most of my solo TV/movie watching, which often looks like laying in bed and watching an episode of TV before going to sleep, which feels more or less fine to me, though I miss reading and would like to add more of that into my entertainment mix.

A big hurdle I have to reading more is regularly finding books I'm really excited to read and that are the right mix of engaging and interesting without being too much work; I like the idea of reading hard books, but in reality, I get bogged down in them and stop reading at all. If you have recommendations for lively, entertaining books of any genre, I'll happily take them. Also, I am not in a routine of going to the library, so I finish the books I have and then fail to refresh my supply for way too long.

The other thing I've noticed about the iPad is that it has largely replaced my laptop for internet browsing .... which would be okay if it were equally easy to type on the iPad, but it's not. So this means that I comment less on other people's posts, and when I do comment, my comments are shorter. I also find that I'm posting less in my own social media. As far as I'm concerned, the whole point of the internet is to help people learn from each other and connect with one another, so I really don't like this, and it might wind up being the reason I eventually give up the iPad in order to move myself back into using a laptop more regularly.

For now, I'm experimenting with posting a little more often in general, to see what part intention plays.
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