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This is my Free Will Astrology horoscope for the week:
"I'm not sure where to go from here. I need help." I encourage you to say those words out loud, Leo. Even if you're not sure you believe they're true, act as if they are. Why? Because I think it would be healthy for you to express uncertainty and ask for assistance. It would relieve you of the oppressive pressure to be a masterful problem-solver. It could free you from the unrealistic notion that you've got to figure everything out by yourself. And this would bring you, as if by magic, interesting offers and inquiries. In other words, if you confess your neediness, you will attract help. Some of it will be useless, but most of it will be useful.

I love FWA not so much because it's astrology, but because it's little tidbits of wisdom that remind me to live intentionally and with curiosity, and often gives me good reminders or insights into specific ways to do that.

This week's is unusually spot on for me. It's hard to ask for help, and I definitely fall prey to the pressure to be a masterful problem-solver or have all (or at least a good quantity of) the answers. So I'm gonna try to sink my teeth into this one. Or, I guess that's probably the wrong metaphor. I'll try to let myself fall backward into the welcoming arms of this one.
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