ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Yesterday was great fun. I had a really entertaining class (got to go into rather technical detail trying to explain polyamory in Spanish. I think I should get some extra toaster-points for that.) and then spent the afternoon attempting to make the mashed potatoes. The kitchen here helps me to appreciate the value of job-specific kitchen tools, as I distinctly missed having a potato-masher. So the potatoes weren't totally smooth, but the sabor was excellent! The sourish cream worked really well, and I decided to go simple and not add anything, which was a big hit.

Jacobo made a kickass turkey -- I was really impressed -- and since I was helping out in the kitchen, I got to reserve part of one of the legs for myself: Mmmmm dark meat. The stuffing was delicious, and I managed to make a darn good gravy (my first gravy ever!) despite the lack of flour.

It was a fun crowd, mixed nationalities -- Danish, US, Guatemalteco, Canadian -- and generally a very nice time. The main lack was that was had NO pies. I'm thinking about organizing a Thanksgiving-in-January when I return so that I can do it again, this time WITH pie :)

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