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things I like about where I am at this stage in life

I was just perusing the menu of a new restaurant I'm looking forward to visiting, and considering what I might like to order. There are a few things on the menu that I'm not familiar with, and I imagined sitting down and asking the server for explanations/descriptions/advice. And that in turn made me think of how when I was younger, I feared that asking a question like, "What's the difference between wineA and wineB?" would make me look like I was hopelessly ignorant and didn't belong. So, that got me thinking about some of the things I like about where I am at this stage in life:

* I know the difference between lack of exposure and stupidity, and I'm nearly always comfortable showing my ignorance when I'm in a setting where it's an opportunity to learn
* I'm comfortable liking what I like, even if I'm with people who feel differently
* ... and I don't feel like I have to pressure people into liking what I like, either
* I'm comfortable looking goofy or having fussy or particular needs
* ... and I'm comfortable laughing about it
* I have a large enough understanding of my field to have a sense of the unique skills I bring to my work/organization
* I have enough experience to know I have a lot more to learn and understand about all of this!

How about you?
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