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2.5 years ago:

Before I started at my current job, there was a minor ruckus about my position that I don't really know much about, but a result of it was that when I came on board, there was some ruckus about me in a small corner of the organization that didn't matter a whole lot to me. One woman in particular -- Cindy -- made it very clear right away that she didn't like me or the job I'd been hired to do, and she's the sort of person who takes a lot of pride in being harsh and "tell it like it is", so she was quite explicit in letting me know the ways that I was not up to snuff in her opinion, starting with my hair and continuing to my professional background as she knew it. Okay, fine, this is someone I have to deal with very infrequently (though not never), so, ok, I'll ignore all the bullshit and just do my job as professionally as possible around her. Which I do.

2 years ago:

Cindy had led an irrelevant campaign trying to prevent my promotion. I got promoted.

1 month ago:

Cindy said to Michele, who reports to me, that she'd like to move to supporting someone in our division. Michele says to Cindy, "Of course that would mean reporting to Rosa ..." and Cindy responds, "Well, that might not be so bad."

This week:

Someone I've never heard of emails me to ask if we can have lunch, saying Cindy suggested she contact me. Later that day, I run into Cindy and say, "Hey, your friend emailed me. We're gonna have lunch sometime!" Cindy says, "I've known her since she was born and she just started working here and she's having a real hard time finding people who are weird and interesting, and I told her she could reach out to you, that you know all the best weird people to know and that you could really help her. Thanks for taking her under your wing."
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