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caffeine free?

A month or two ago, I had a series of unusually bad nights of sleep, which, upon reflection, I thought might be related to drinking coffee too late in the day. I used to be able to enjoy an afternoon coffee as late as about 4pm, and then it moved to 2pm, but now it seems like maybe after noon is too late for me if I want to sleep that night.

It's irritating because I adore coffee in the afternoon. It's even better than morning coffee for me somehow, experientially. But I also adore sleep, so it's not a worthwhile tradeoff.

And it's not that drinking coffee too late leads to falling asleep too late. It actually somehow prevents me sleeping at all, which I find kind of baffling. Shouldn't it just be that I can't sleep until it's out of my system? But it appears that if I get into bed at a time when the caffeine is still actively preventing sleep, then I basically won't sleep at all, or maybe a restless couple of hours between 5-7.

Bodies are stupid.

I may just switch to decaf all the time, and then I can go back to drinking it in the afternoon! :D
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