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there is such thing as too much fun

I arrived in Austin on Monday around noon, and it's been nonstop fun ever since! I'm wiped out, which is great, since tomorrow I fly to SF and do it all again there! :D :D

I mean, actually, everything is fine; I have an incredibly great bunch of colleagues down here, and it's super fun to see them and go out with them all the damn time, but I think I might actually wind up with basically a free night tonight, which simultaneously makes me wish I'd gotten tickets to SF for tonight AND makes me feel so grateful for a night off that I could pee myself with excitement about it.

Other great things:
* it's been in the 70s or low 80s every day I've been here. PURE BLISS.
* the food scene here is more like SF and less like Boston -- lots of locavore gastropubs and such
* including the best truffle fries I've ever had!
* really good to get face time with the people here

A coworker asked me as I left the office this afternoon all excited about my introvert recovery evening, "Are you an introvert?" No, I think needing a night off after a full week of intensely social 14-15 hour days does not qualify me as a raging introvert. I'm really an ambivert, but the extroverted part of me needs no special attention, the way my life is set up, whereas I really have to make a concerted effort to make sure I get some good down time here or there.
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