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more on Ferguson

The Ferguson situation remains horrible, with the police escalating tensions and violence at every opportunity.

Here are some places to send money:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri: Also check out their letter to the Ferguson police regarding the police departments's "requests" regarding assembly yesterday:

Anti-State STL is a St. Louis news clearinghouse that has set up a fund for bail and legal defense of the dozens of people who have been arrested in the course of the vigils that have turned violent each night. As of now, the only link to pay is via PayPal, which I'm extremely leery of because of their history seizing funds for causes/uses they don't approve of, so I'm holding off until there's a way to donate through Dwolla, WePay, or directly by sending a check. Something tells me there will be an extended need. If you're comfortable sending money via PayPal, the link can be found on this page:

Antonio French, a St. Louis alderman who has been a steady presence at the vigils and has provided a constant stream of photos and vines from on site, and who was arrested last night for unlawful assembly (?????) also founded an education-focused nonprofit in St. Louis -- The North Campus

I will share additional opportunities to support the community in Ferguson as they come across my screen, and in particular, when there's a way to donate to the bail/defense funds through other means than PayPal.
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