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missing stairs, accountability

Thinking a lot about missing stairs, loving and compassionate confrontations about bad behavior, the difference between intent and impact.

I know we all fuck up in big and small ways. I ask you, my community, to keep me honest if you feel able, when I fuck up big.

This isn't your job and my actions are my responsibility, but I promise to listen with an open heart and take seriously what you say.

I don't promise to agree with you, but I do promise to consider your words sincerely and seriously and probably talk about it with other people close to me for perspective, reality check, and deeper understanding.

Further, I commit to doing this for you, if I feel able inside of our relationship. I deeply believe that loving you means seeing you with as clear eyes as possible, loving you with your faults and failures as much as loving you with your brilliance and goodness. Love that is blind to faults is necessarily fragile, and that's not what I want for you or for me.
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