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The current trend at the school is to go to the dentist for an extremely cheap cleaning. It's funny that in the whole time I've been here, no one that I know of has done that, but in the last week, at least 7 students have gone. It's actually a good idea, and now that I don't have dental insurance, it might be worth looking into. *hmm*

My parents arrive tomorrow -- very exciting! I think we're going to go to Cobán for the orchid show, Semuc Champey, Grutas de Lanquín, and then up to Tikal to see the ruins. Now I just have to figure out the best way to get from one place to the other -- even thought they're both in the same direction from Guate, it might make sense to go through the city, which seems crazy, but así es la vida.

I'm thinking about singing "Gracias a la Vida" for my graduation next week. Singing has been interesting here, because at home, I only really sing when I'm alone and listening to music, but here, I've done a lot of singing in groups and alone. I'm thinking about taking voice lessons when I get back (with all my free time and money *cough*), but in the meantime, I need to make up my mind if I think I'm up for singing a longish song by myself in front of everyone next week! And if so, do I want a guitar accompaniment or not? *ponder*

Tonight is another graduation dinner, to which one of the graduates has invited 37 people not related to the school in any way. The coordinator is Rather Grumpy about it, and I am, too, since the fellow in question can be kinda attention-grabbing ANYWAY. But it's given me a good chance to practice being catty in Spanish.

Crushes are fun.

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