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20 February 2015 @ 09:04 am
Confessional 2015  
Tell me a secret! Tell me a not-secret! Whisper sweet somethings in my comment box. Express your maddest crush or deepest curiosity! Expound upon the fabulousness of your friends or lovers or would-be friends or lovers! Or people you know or want to know. Do it anonymously or with your name attached; anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off.

You know you want to!

[Please note ground rules here.]

[Link to flat version of comments is here.]

A note on user experience: If you're starting a new thread, if you give it a subject, it'll be easier to pick out comments in response to it down the road.

ETA: IP logging is back on!
I'm feeling: curiouscurious
(Anonymous) on February 20th, 2015 05:47 pm (UTC)
If the two of you are a mandatory social unit, it probably will be an issue. But I know plenty of people who've made that work by having separable social lives. Not entirely separate! Just separate enough that nobody ever feels as if they HAVE to like one just because they like the other.
(Anonymous) on February 21st, 2015 08:33 pm (UTC)
YES YES THIS, EXACTLY THIS. I didn't marry your partner; you did. Don't make me have to decide between having a friendship with both of you at once, all the time, forever... or having no friendship with you at all. Trust me, if I like your partner, I will make that friendship work too. But you are a separate human being. Please act like one.