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20 February 2015 @ 09:04 am
Confessional 2015  
Tell me a secret! Tell me a not-secret! Whisper sweet somethings in my comment box. Express your maddest crush or deepest curiosity! Expound upon the fabulousness of your friends or lovers or would-be friends or lovers! Or people you know or want to know. Do it anonymously or with your name attached; anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off.

You know you want to!

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I'm feeling: curiouscurious
(Anonymous) on February 23rd, 2015 12:42 am (UTC)
My first response to this was to offer fix-it suggestions--like, for example, what would happen if you stopped de-boning things for her?

But I read this again, and the thing that really leaps out at me is that you seem really to be saying that you think your girlfriend is lacking as an adult--that it "shouldn't be such a big deal, but it bothers [you] more and more." That's worrying to me, because that sounds like disdain. And disdain is the quickest route to sadness in a relationship.

Maybe everything else about this relationship is amazing! I hope it is. I hope you two are wonderfully happy. I just wanted to flag that, I guess. I spent a long time in a relationship where I really disdained my partner, and it wasn't good for either of us, and if I can save someone else from the same fate, I think it would be a good deed.